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"A Letter To The Confused"

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                                       “A Letter to the Confused”


                Here we go—time to pick up a subject that has been beaten to death. What is an outlaw biker? I will be honest though, it is not my goal to say what is or isn’t an outlaw biker. I do however know it isn’t me and it sure as shit isn’t Chicago Charles. This is why I am not completely comfortable, nor am I even 100% qualified to be speaking on this subject, but thanks to Chuckie Jines, I will gladly step forward and dedicate this letter to him, and the like minded dimwits who are either confused, misinformed, or both. I first started following old Chuckie Boy on YouTube because I thought his videos were going to be interesting. The name of his channel is “BackRoad Biker Adventures.” The title sparked my interest. At first I thought he had some really cool and informative videos. He is in my opinion a true Scooter Tramp, and it is a term I use as a compliment. It is a title so very few are truly capable of wearing, and that includes myself. Not everyone has the dedication and love for the open road to stack on the miles like he does. It takes a true wind junkie to endure the cagers, assholes, weather, and physical fatigue to ride the way he does, and for that I admire the guy. If you think it is easy maybe you should try riding nonstop for several hours while only stopping for gas, or bathroom breaks— then you can tell me just how easy it was for you. It is not for the faint of heart. Not by a long shot.


                He made several videos of living somewhat off the grid. He discussed what kind of foods are both nutritional, and coast effective to eat on the open road. He even discussed some ideas on how you can make an honest living to support a Scooter Tramp’s wind addiction. However, I am sorry to say— that is where my respect for the guy ends and gets erased. Somewhere along the line poor Chuckie Boy started catching some serious delusions. I’m not sure if it’s from repeated bouts of heat stroke, or maybe he’s just legitimately cracking the fuck up from living in an abandoned yellow school bus that he converted into his home in the middle of the nowhere. Maybe it’s from too many knocks in the fucking head from cagers throwing garbage out their windows as they pass him by on the highway, but the poor and misinformed guy seems to think he is the true meaning of an outlaw biker. He’s arrogant, goofy, and extremely misinformed to say the least—not to mention extremely intelligent if he doesn’t say so himself repeatedly.  

                Lately he’s been going on long rants about him being a sigma male and what a true lone wolf is. He states that he is the true meaning of the word “outlaw.”He considers himself an outlaw who also happens to be a biker. He states he is an outlaw because he decided to live an alternative lifestyle— a lifestyle that doesn’t fit into the image of what mainstream society deems “normal.” He is a free thinker which is the hardest thing a man can be. He’s an Independent/outlaw biker who stands up against petty tyranny. He defends others, and decided to award himself with the Iron Cross patch to wear under the American flag on his Levi vest. He chooses to wear black & white colors on his vest mainly because he is an objectivist. He humbly compares himself to Aristotle, who was an ancient Greek philosopher. Things for him are either black or white. For him, you either are, or you are not. “Almost” for him is equivalent to saying “are not.” So I guess it would be safe to say there is no in between with him. He claims to be patriotic. He feels American’s have the right to wear, do, and say whatever they want, and anyone who does not agree with him is dumb and part of the tyranny he is standing up against. He lives a true FTW lifestyle. He is a rebellious individualist who is tired of people being ridiculed for what they chose to wear. He is a man that can whip anyone’s ass on an intellectual level which is why I am so nervous about typing this article. Don’t make me fucking laugh Charles. You’re a walking contradiction at best—a man who is going through a serious identity crisis. I almost feel bad for you. You obviously are not only trying to convince the masses of what you are, you’re trying to convince yourself, and in doing that— the only thing you are showing anyone is your own insecurities.

                Here is a direct quote from Chuckie Boy and I quote, “Why did all the one percenter motorcycle members put their hands up in the air and get on their knees in Waco Texas? I thought these guys were Outlaws and the baddest motherfuckers on the planet. Why don’t they shoot the cops? If they are so badass then they shouldn’t be laying on the ground with face in the dirt just because the cops came. Interesting question.” Here is another intellectual quote from Aristotle—oops, I mean Chuckie. “We’ll see how this plays out… Oh The irony! So, the Mongols are going to claim a freedom of speech constitutional right to wear their cuts, and then turn around and start telling private citizens what they can wear! Oh the irony!” Did I get those quotes right Chuckie? I hope so. How much were you picked on as a child for you to harbor so much hate? Why are you so confused? In some videos you start with the “live and let live” speech, but then it’s followed by rants of insults for what other people are doing and saying on their YouTube channels. You hate the judgmental, but yet you are one of the most insulting, and judgmental mofo’s out there.

                In your rants and ramble videos you give speeches and explanations why you wear a black and white “Independent” top rocker, and a black and white “Chicago” bottom rocker, but then you start criticizing others for wearing patches all over their vests—saying the patches look like a North Korean General  who’s never even been in a war. You state it’s kind of silly and ridiculous the amount of patches people wear. Your slew of insults are not only directed towards 1%ers, but they are also directed towards what you call RUBs. I guess anyone who isn’t just like you must be part of the problem. Let me tell you something my fickle friend— it is people just like YOU who are destroying the biker culture. You don’t stand for ANYTHING, or anybody. You don’t stand for a cause— you stand for yourself. You stand for an image that you wish you were, but deep down inside you know you’re a true coward who has nothing better to do but make videos insulting anyone who is not as warped and confused as you are.

                Living in the middle of nowhere in a yellow short bus does not make you an outlaw Chuckie. Talking shit on a video about regular Joe citizens running you off the road and chasing them down while you call the cops on the cell phone does not make you an outlaw Chuckie. Riding a motorcycle the way you do makes you a biker yes, but not an outlaw. Because you haven’t taken a bath since last Christmas does not make you a biker. It causes you to smell like cheese dick, and nothing more. Saying you should be allowed to wear any type of patch you want while knocking someone for wearing more patches than you does not make you an outlaw biker— it makes you a hypocrite Chuckie Boy! Chanting freedom of speech on your videos while knocking another man for what he’s chanting on his videos does not make you patriotic Charles—it makes you ignorant, but I will say you wear that title well. Writing insulting blogs against bike clubs to stir the pot makes you a trouble maker. You remind me of one of those guys who like to run their mouth at a bar and invite someone to step outside, but if the person calls your bluff you’ll be the first one to call the cops. As you stated yourself—“you either are, or you are not.” You are NOT an outlaw Charles, and I am very confused as to why you are going out of your way trying to prove to the masses that you are. Why not stick to what you do know—not washing and stacking on hundreds of miles on two wheels and living on the short bus.

                As I said before, I’m not an outlaw biker and neither are you. I’m comfortable with being a biker—period. I don’t need to wear a rocker or patch that says “Independent,” or “lone wolf,” the fact that I’m not wearing a patch at all clearly shows I’m an independent biker. I don’t need to dress my vest up in a way that makes me look like I am in a club when I am not, but obviously you do. I don’t need to insult bike clubs out there to draw attention to myself— then make videos how I’m being picked on. The men who wear those three piece patches that you love to knock so much have earned it! Those patches are part of a culture that people like you will never completely understand. Men have died for their patches. They have given up their freedom for their patches. They are the ones who created a culture that you so desperately want to look like you’re a part of but could never make the cut. They are clubs that have stood the test of time. They have good and bad within their ranks just like any other organization. Read my article “Tainted Badges” and you’ll see that cops are guilty of that as well. They were coined “outlaw bikers” because of their subculture views that started in the immediate post-World War II era. They were not sanctioned by the AMA and wore what was supposed to be an insult with pride. Being in an outlaw motorcycle club does NOT mean they are criminal. They are men who refuse to conform with anything that is unjust. It is people like YOU who call them street gangs because you obviously are incapable of understanding what an outlaw biker is. I honestly don’t even like discussing this because I feel I have no right or place to, but I’m tired of ignorant posers like yourself who are trying to be something they are not. People like you want an image and a title without earning it. It’s in my opinion stolen valor. Would you look down on me if I wore medals I did not earn? If so—tell me why? If it’s a free country why would you look down on me for wearing a Purple Heart that I bought at a garage sale? I’m only wearing it because it looks cool, and I want to remind people what our vets sacrificed for our country. Sounds fucking ridiculous wouldn’t you say Chuckie Boy?

                If all is cool with wearing any patch—why are you so quick to make fun of guys wearing an SOA cut? Why do you insult them? It’s a free country isn’t it Charles? Too many wannabe’s are throwing on three piece patches and going out there starting trouble. They are starting trouble because they are out there chasing an image in their minds, and when they do that they help people like you label the real clubs out there as “gangs.” The fact that you find it funny that a certain club is fighting to protect their legal trademark is sad to say the least. I could explain to you further why your views are ass backwards but as the old saying goes—“If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn’t understand.” If you have anything to say about this why don’t you and I get on Youtube and discuss it openly? It should be easy for you being that you’re so intellectual and savvy. If not that’s okay. A lot of people would respect you a lot more if you spoke about things you do know rather than instigating others for more subscribers. Cheers for now Chuckle Chuckie. And please go easy on me with your response when you rant about me on your YouTube videos, and be just a bit understanding, and sensitive to the fact that I’m not as intellectual and arrogant as you are. Your repeated insults on your posts and videos against multiple clubs is making it obvious you're fishing. The best thing anyone can do with someone like you is just ignore you until your left sitting outside your school bus preaching your bullshit to a cactus, but I have to call this kind of bullshit where I see it.


   New York                 


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