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Tainted Badges

                        TAINTED BADGES

                On>legal-encyclopedia > content R.I.C.O is defined as follows. “Passed in 1970, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ACT (RICO) is a federal law designed to combat organized crime in the United States. It allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise.”

                How many times have you heard on mainstream media networks and various online news sources of bikers who are club members being arrested and charged under the RICO ACT?  How many times on those same platforms have you heard of men with their surnames ending in a vowel being charged under the same ACT? I’m willing to bet many. The RICO Act was drafted by an American attorney and law professor, George Robert Blakey. The ACT was designed to combat organized crime in the United Sates, and to attack members within those organizations regardless if they themselves committed a crime or not. Seems fair on the surface doesn’t it? (Eye roll) Yeah right.

                Now this leads me to my next question, and be honest with yourself when you answer it-- I already know the fucking answer. How many times have you heard about cops being arrested under the RICO ACT? Not many. In fact-- if you want to find any extensive news coverage on it you’ll have to seek it yourself, because 9 times out of 10 it isn’t covered by the mainstream news media. They might give a whisper about it here and there, but you won’t hear the same in-depth coverage about a group of cops being busted like you do when it involves any other organization, and that is a damn shame. Cops are supposed to be held to a higher standard than the general public. After all, are they not paid with our hard earned tax dollars? Are they not paid to protect both you and I? So why is it when they are busted for various crimes—why aren’t we hearing about it? You can draw your own conclusion on that, but please don’t kid yourself and say that it is because they are not committing the same amount of crimes. In fact-- I’ll go as far as to match 3 crimes committed by police officers to every 1 you'll find committed by a biker or “gangster.” The fact that we have to dig deep to hear about that kind of news should be worrisome to you. It makes me wonder how many cops are getting away with crimes that we aren’t aware of if I have to dig just the find the ones that are. How many people are wrongfully rotting in prison by those criminals with badges?  Do you think that the state or government wants to spend extra tax dollars by reopening and/or overturning cases where men and women were wrongfully convicted? God only knows the lawsuits they would have on their hands. That in itself is a huge deterrent why DA’s don’t like convicting law enforcement in my humblest opinion.

                Are you still calling bullshit? Okay—for the ones who are-- I have some more questions you might be able to help me with. Did you hear about the group of rouge Baltimore police officers involved in a huge drug trafficking operation this year? Did you hear about them shaking down drug dealers and pulling over regular Joe’s for no reason whatsoever, and taking their hard earned money before telling them to take a walk? Did you hear how they were caught on video planting evidence, or gun running? There were 7 of them busted, but only 2 were really smacked with charges because the other 5 decided it would be beneficial to rat on their buddies. Did you hear about Eddie C. Hicks? He was a former Chicago police SGT who walked around with a badge from 1970 to 2000. He decided to skip town for 14 years while trying to avoid a RICO trial. How about the 4 police officers in Puerto Rico who were arrested this year under the RICO ACT? Hear about them? Maybe back in 2010 you heard about the 89—yes 89 cops arrested in a corruption probe.

                Maybe several years back you heard about 2 Onondaga County Sheriffs who were under investigation when they were hired for security detail at a Halloween rave party at a suburban hotel. The son of an Onondaga County legislator lost a son. The young man was fatally shot in the chest after leaving the party. One of the cops involved was suspended for 30 days without pay, and the other cop who was involved was also a known druggie who decided to quit the police force after the murder investigation disappeared like a fart in the wind. It came out during the investigation that one of the cops had prior drug problems and was copping coke (not the soda), and meth from a confidential informer for his own personal use. He was caught more than once—and yet he still was able to keep his job. And so what that a special prosecutor had to be assigned to that murder investigation because of a “special relationship” one of the cops was having with the drug prosecutor in the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office-- And so fucking what the case was tossed out because some statements had been suppressed, and because there were evidentiary problems. It’s no big deal.

                LEO clubs are respectable, and a cut above the rest, especially when you compare them to various outlaw motorcycle clubs (Yeah right). Let’s take a LEO Prattville motorcycle club called the Regulators who held a fundraiser for a Montgomery police officer who is being charged for shooting a nearly 60 year old man in the back 5 times, who was also unarmed. The police officer stopped him because he was black and wearing a black hoodie which fit the description of a suspect he was looking for a week prior on a burglary case. In an effort to have the case thrown out in court the cop gave two different stories as to what had led to the man being shot and killed which caused the judge to state the officer’s story was not believable. The trial was to take place this past August, but after extensive searching I was unable to find out the verdict, or what happened with the case. Google police officer Aaron Cody Smith and maybe you can have better luck finding out if he was ever convicted. I searched high and low, and could not find it. That case too seemed to vanish after a few articles were written about the homicide.

                I’m sure you also heard about the no knock raids in Rhode Island where a bunch of Pagans were arrested. The media ran with the story claiming tons of weapons and drugs were seized, but my question is how can we believe any of it when so many law enforcement officers are running amuck? Am I really supposed to believe they found what they claim they found-- when numerous police officers are obviously just as bad as the so called criminals they are chasing? How about the beating a few Pagans caught recently in a bar in Pittsburgh? One of the eyewitnesses gave an extensive interview on Insane Throttle about how the drunken cops pepper sprayed and beat thier victims up in a violent rage. The video clearly shows the cops were unprovoked and drunk, and I will state once again in my humble opinion-- the only reason the cops are under investigation is because they were caught on video. One of the arresting and drunken officers tried to illegally seize evidence from the patrons in the bar. Thankfully the patrons were aware of their rights and refused to hand their personal cell phones over. Did those drunken cops drive themselves home after they beat the bikers up? Hmmm—I wonder.

                 I also wonder what the fuck happens that is not on tape or video recordings when the police are conducting raids and arrests? Who is watching them? Are all cops bad? Nope—I can’t say that either, but if you are going to brand a 1%er patch as being a criminal enterprise then you’ll have to understand that the badge is just as tainted as any 1%er’s biker’s patch. Look at what the Mongols Motorcycle Club is currently enduring AGAIN. The feds are trying to seize their logo that is supposed to be protected under federal law. Who is going to police the police? All the cops that were busted under the RICO ACT and used their shields to conduct crimes—should their badges and their shields also be seized and attacked like the Mongols MC? Why not?

                If you want to look into any of the cases I mentioned above all you have to do is Google it and you’ll find it, but my point is-- why isn’t it being covered with the same enthusiasm by the media? I ask you again-- who is going to police the police—them? I’m sorry but I don’t take too much stock in that, and quit honestly I don’t feel safe. Cops can make tons of mistakes and get away with it because at the end of the day (in my opinion once again) they protect their own first and foremost. We as regular Joe Citizens don’t have that luxury. So if you’re going to prejudge someone because they are a 1% biker-- I kindly fucking ask that you at the very least not be a hypocrite and prejudge every other organization the same way regardless of who they are, at least then you won’t be a total ignorant asshole.

Best Regards,

JD aka NEW YORK        




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  • JD on

    Theresa I couldn’t agree more. If I had 1 dollar for every time I see a cop texting and driving, or commiting traffic violations I would be a very wealthy man. It’s like the old saying goes— “do as I say, not as I do.”

  • Theresa Gibbons Langtry on

    Wow, just wow. You do know they don’t wear seat belts, they talk on their phones while driving, etc… They don’t have to follow the same laws we’re told to uphold!!

  • JD on

    The DA stated the charges against the Pagans in Pittsburgh’s incident are dropped…. for now. The cops need to be charged imo

  • JD on

    One of the the ex-cops I mentioned in the article who quit the police force in Onondaga county after the murder investigation is currently an employee, and supervisor for a large automotive plant based out of Ithaca.

  • JD on

    I’m glade you agree. People need to understand there is good and bad in every organization

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