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     I almost am nervous about touching this subject.... I said almost. How many times have you heard that women shouldn't be allowed in motorcycle clubs? Perhaps you're cool with a chick being in a club as long as it's a women's only club. If I was a betting man I'd say there aren't many people who think that women should be allowed in a "Regular" motorcycle club other than... well... most women. The fact that I am an Independent biker most will say I have no business speaking about it. You might be right on that, but I've been a part of things in my early past, grew up around, and dealt with certain elements of people that come from the worst that life has to offer, all the way to what society would deem the elite. I've broken bread with many people in various surroundings, some nice, and some not so nice. Maybe I'm biased in thinking my opinion holds water, and maybe I don't care because I think it is a topic that I want to go on the record as stating. When I say "If I was the National President, or Founder of a club I would allow women the chance to become a full patched member" most guys curl their nose and make a face like they smell shit. "Is there not One fucking thing a guy can have for himself anymore?" That's the number one thing I hear when I make my statement. My answer is simply... yes. Yes men should be allowed to be apart of something that is meant for men only. Yes there should be the same for women too. My only statement was that 'IF I had a club"..... "IF" I said. "IF" is a BIG word. IF my mother had balls she'ed be my father too. I feel that women are seriously overlooked as valuable assets to any club, or organization, but since this topic was meant specifically for motorcycle clubs let's stick to that topic and base our arguments along those lines.               

     Whenever I debate about this with other guys I'm hit with a barrage of reasons why my idea is so bad regardless of the fact that it all started as a hypothetical question. It all started when my book series "Pinky Ring & Patches" was released. Even though both men and women alike where feeling the story line, most men became upset when they got the feeling the plot of my series was headed towards a Women Motorcycle Club becoming the focal point of the story. I pulled the books off the shelves due to issues with the format in which the books were released, so I pulled them for revision and broke the series down into "quick reads" in digital format for convenience to the reader's time and budget. I will not lie, there was a time I actually thought about leaving the series to die and never putting it back out for purchase because it was becoming such a hot topic, but why should I? This is where I stand and I have a story to tell, But first let's stick to the topic at hand. I will pick the top reasons I hear women should NEVER be allowed in any serious Motorcycle Club, and give my rebuttal. 

1) Women can't defend the patch in a fight.                                                            My response: Obviously you haven't been around the women I've been around. I've trained with women in the ring and on the mat and I can tell you that training will dictate the winner of a fight, not the sex of the individual. 

2) Women just cannot ride for long hours on a motorcycle.                                    My response: Once again my experience tells me otherwise. Go on You Tube, or Google women riders who ride across the country, or across Europe on two wheels.

3) It will cause sexual tension and extra drama within the club.                              My response: Maybe that's a valid argument, and maybe it can be addressed in the club bylaws that forbids it, or other guidelines that could be scrutinized more closely but let's be honest there's always going to be drama, we just chose what drama we want to deal with. We have the strongest military in the world with both men and women in it. If they can manage to make it work I think a club could. 

     There are many other reasons why most guys feel that women shouldn't be allowed in the biker scene at all, but these are the top three reasons I keep getting hit with, so I decided to address them right off the top. A lot of men say women are too much of a liability. Really? Well my question is what kind of liability do they impose that a swinging dick wouldn't? Shit, if that's the case in my opinion anyone who is married, and has family is a higher liability in my opinion. Maybe I'd rather have a bylaw that states you can't be married or have kids to be in a club. Maybe having members with no family would mean that I wouldn't have to question their dedication to the club across the board. See where I'm going with this? It's all about your perspective I guess. Either way, this is a topic I'd love to keep going, and I want to hear your point of view on the matter, and if your interested in reading the revised "Pinky Rings & Patches" series please follow this blog to hear the latest news.                                                                                     

Thank You   

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